Family portrait shoot T&Cs

Family portrait shoot Terms and Conditions

The very important stuff. Acceptance of a photoshoot is acceptance of these conditions.

These T&C's are designed to protect both parties and minimise 'grey' areas of understanding.

Above all, mutual respect is paramount.

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Before the photoshoot

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, and Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment of your deposit. I will forward you a tax invoice via email with all relevant banking and ABN details. Payment is required in full before the shoot commences. Balance owing paid in cash on the day is acceptable, but must be paid before the shoot commences.

Session payment is non-refundable once the session time has begun. If you are unable to make your session, let me know before the shoot and we can postpone until a more favourable day and time.  If I arrive at the shoot and you then let me know you're unavailable (or I arrive and you don't turn up) then the entire session fee will still be payable in full.

The day of the photoshoot

I cannot guarantee the weather on the day of the shoot. I will always work with the available light (on a location shoot) and supplement with strobes and/or reflectors when necessary. If the weather is not conducive to a photoshoot on the day, or does not suit the theme you have chosen (for model sessions), we will discuss options such as relocating, working with the conditions, or postponing.

Depending on the location of the photoshoot, you may need to come already dressed in your chosen outfit as there may not be appropriate change facilities.

If the photoshoot is for your modelling portfolio, or will be used for any commercial purposes, you will be required to sign a Model Release form before the shoot commences. If I photograph your property (eg. car, house, boat) with or without you in the photo, you will be required to sign a property release form.

In all cases, you will need to sign the photoshoot contract before the shoot commences. I cannot start your photoshoot session without payment in full and a signed contract. This is for the protection and well-being of both parties.

After the photoshoot

You will receive the best of each pose, in its final edited format. You won't receive every single photo taken in a shoot. I cannot guarantee a minimum number of photos from each shoot. The number of final photos will vary according to the complexity of the shoot, the poses the subject chooses, the lighting available, and a number of other factors. If you require a certain number of photos, please discuss with me before the day of the shoot.

I will not, under any circumstances, release unedited photos.

Editing photos takes a lot of time and effort - usually around 4-8 hours for each hour in a photoshoot session. You should receive your final photos on CD or DVD within two weeks of the shoot. Of course, I will keep you informed and if it's around a busy period (wedding season, for example) final photos could take up to three weeks to be completed. If you need photos quickly, please discuss with me as soon as possible and we can come to an arrangement.

Many people use Facebook and Google+ as a means of social networking and communicating. Unless indicated otherwise on the contract, I will assume that I have your permission to post samples of your final photos on my Facebook page. If I have you added as a friend, I will tag you. I will use my discretion in the photos that I post. You are welcome to share, download, copy these photos provided you give credit to Stephen Carter in every instance.

Copyright and licensing

In all cases, copyright of all images remains with Stephen Carter. This means that unless you have arranged and paid for a licensing agreement with Stephen Carter Photography you are not permitted to use photos for commercial purposes. This includes (but is not limited to) submission to magazines, websites, stock photo companies, advertising agencies etc. You are, however, allowed to submit a photo to a magazine or website for the purposes of a competition or for "social" pages.

I place a small, unobtrusive logo in the corner of each photo you will receive on your disc.  If you would like prints of photos without this logo, you may order those through me.  I do not inflate the cost of prints, and I do only use the highest quality museum grade inks and paper (unlike budget print houses such as Big W and Harvey Norman). Please allow me ease your mind about the logo on the images - it is small and unobtrusive; it's more like the signature of an artist on a canvas painting, and does not detract from the photo at all.

There is logic behind this - as an artist, I am proud of my work!  If someone were to admire the photo, they can say "Ahh, you look lovely, and that's one of Stephen Carter's photos!".

Another, less-known but more valid reason is the copyright laws that all photographers work under (even if many of them aren't aware of their rights and responsibilities).  Under Australian law, copyright for a photo taken is automatically assigned to the photographer.  In years gone by, this meant that the film negatives remained in the ownership of the photographer (these days, the digital files remain with the photographer).  A contract between client and photographer can, however, state differently - for example, granting total ownership to the client, or granting a license allowing the client to have prints made at a photo booth such as found at Big W or Ted's Camera House. However, licences add (sometimes considerably) to the cost of a photo shoot.  These laws are in place to protect the professional photographer's livelihood and professional value. They also clarify where each party stands should a dispute arise.

Sadly, the 'weekend warrior' photographers have trampled all over the photography industry, offering extremely low rates (and usually low quality of service and photos) so we professionals must compete somehow.

Under no circumstances are you to alter, edit, change, adjust or modify the photos. This includes (but is not limited to) the removal of the Stephen Carter Photography logo, cropping, colour adjustment, or any "photoshopping" of any kind. You are not permitted to give images to someone to edit or alter, whether in a professional capacity or otherwise. If you need a photo adjusted, please contact me and I will gladly assist.

You are welcome to print high resolution images provided to you on CD for your personal use or as gifts only.

You are welcome to use low resolution images provided to you on CD for your portfolio, your website, etc. provided written credit is given to Stephen Carter. No exceptions.

A link-back to Scart Photography on Facebook and/or the Scart Photography website is always greatly appreciated, wherever possible.

I retain the right to use, at my discretion, photos for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes. At all times I will use good judgement in the choice and use of photos.

Please contact me if you have need to licence images or wish to commission me to take photos for a particular purpose.

For more information on Australian copyright law, please visit

Storage and archiving

Please be aware that photograph in their high resolution format take up considerable storage space. Once you have received your CD of final edited images, I will keep your high resolution images on my hard disk storage facilities for no more than one year.

After one year, I will, at my discretion, delete photos to make more storage space available. I will retain some photos to use for marketing and promotional use (as per the copyright conditions).


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